Common Questions We Hear

I want to sell my coins, jewelry, stamps. Where do I start?A chest full of coins

We know that sometimes it can be intimidating dealing with someone you may never have met before. You may have dozens of questions or may not even know what to ask or how to ask it. Our goal is to make things as easy for you as possible. We want you to feel comfortable with the information we give you about your collection. Whether it's jewelry, stamps, coins, currency or sterling silverware, your possessions deserve to be treated with respect and so do you. Take a look at the answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

What should I expect from the process?

You should expect to be treated with courtesy in every respect and to have your questions answered. Have you ever been to a store and felt as if it were an imposition to the staff for you to be there? At Tryon Gold & Coin, we want you to know that there is nothing more important going on in our day than your visit. We realize you could choose to do business any number of places. We want to give you a reason to be a lifelong customer.

I have several boxes of "stuff." Do I need an appointment and should I sort my collection?

A typical collection of just stuffNo appointment is ever necessary although you are welcome to set one if you would like. We evaluate collections every day and have been for years. We've worked hard to streamline our process and we're good at it. We can separate and categorize your collection quickly so walk-ins are no problem, but don't worry, if you have a specialized collection, we won't hesitate to take the time to do appropriate research. That said, if you'd feel more comfortable having us set aside a time to meet, or if your schedule won't allow you to come to the store during business hours, we don't mind making every accommodation. Only sort your collection if it makes you more comfortable. The reason we are in this business is because we love it. We love coins, stamps and currency and love looking through them. If it makes you feel better to have everything separated, you're totally welcome to sort through everything yourself, but we don't mind at all if you just throw everything in a box and bring it all in "as is."

Do you pay for collectible value?

Absolutely! It seems there is a "We Buy Gold" store that buys coins and currency on every corner these days. You can even sell your jewelry WHILE getting your nails done in some places we've seen. We're in the business of linking the items you've chosen to sell with true collectors looking for them. We maintain a database of businesses and collectors looking to purchase the specific items you may be holding in your hands at this moment. Sure you can go most anywhere to sell your coins, currency, jewelry or stamps, but we set up as dealers at more than 40 coin and collectibles shows per year to make sure we are in touch with today's market. Nobody works harder to than we do to know exactly what your collection is worth.

How and when will I get paid?

You will get paid in cash as soon as we finish evaluating your collection. There's no waiting. For some larger collections, our customers prefer to be paid with a check so they don't have to carry large amounts of cash with them. We don't mind that at all. You can receive payment in the method you find most comfortable.

What if I can't come to your store because of a disability or the large size of my collection?

We don't just travel to coin shows. If your collection is too large to move alone or you aren't able to come to our store, we can meet you wherever you find it most convenient. We are always very conscious of security and safety (both ours and yours), but we will always do as much as we can to make things easier for you.

How do I know I can trust you?

In addition to the combined 70 years of experience we have in the field, we belong to 16 business and professional associations and we're bound by 14 separate codes of ethics. We also hold positions on the board of directors for the North Carolina Numismatic Association. Take a look at our affiliations. For us, it makes much more sense to work toward a lifetime of your business.

Do you have resources available if I want to do my own research?

Absolutely! We have a library of more than 600 books related to coins, currency and stamps and you are always welcome to stop by the store and use our resources. We also have microscopes available should you decide you want to take a closer look at your coins. For those who aren't able to visit our office, we have assembled the most extensive research available on the web in one location. Take a look at the research section of our website. You should be pleasantly surprised. If you have other sites you'd like to see listed or would like your own site listed, please contact us and let us know.